Saturday, October 29, 2011

Canine Dog Health - Cancer

Cancer has become a bigger problem when talking about canine dog health. It was not such a huge issue fifty years ago, though it has become huge now. One of the reasons for this might be that people did not take their dogs to the vet as often as we do now. Another reason might be that the health of our pets was not all that bad fifty years ago.
For the sake of argument let's assume that the last statement is true. What has changed in the last few decades in regards to our pets. They drink the same types of water, they sleep in the same kinds of places, do some of the same things that they have always done, and eat the same food. Wait! They don't eat the same kind of food. Years ago our pets were eating table scraps. We were not going out and buying them a bag of food just for them. Then media, and other sources, convinced us that table scrapes were bad for our dogs so we started buying dog food.
Now, I am not saying that dog food is entirely to blame, but it might be a contributing factor into the worsening conditions of canine dog health recently. Dogs are more likely to get cancer than humans are now days, and I happen to be one person that does not think that this is fair or right. I doubt I am the only one.
For those of you that have had a terrifying visit to the vet and found out that the canine dog health of your pet includes some kind of cancer, I know that you do not think it is fair either. Cancer is something that viciously attacks the patient no matter what species they happen to be. It can be just as devastating to learn that your dog has cancer as it is to learn that someone you love has it. People are funny about their pets and more often feel just as strongly about them as they do the rest of the family; if not more so.

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