Saturday, September 10, 2011

Green Tea and Fighting Off Cancer

Green tea is awesome and it can fight off cancer. Cancer is a deadly ailment that does scare people because many people are unsure how it gets started and exactly how to stop it. One thing that many health professionals agree on is that cancer starts with a damaged cell. Then it sort of grows and once it reaches the blood stream it can travel to another part of someone's system and this is called metastasis. Where the cancer was first found is how it is named, for instance breast cancer or pancreas cancer.
Smoking tobacco causes 87% of all lung cancer as well as 30% of all cancer deaths. Yes that is a lot and it's one of the chief ways someone can get this disease. Another big risk factor is obesity. According to the American Cancer Society it is estimated that nearly 90 thousand deaths each year could have been saved from this ailment if more people in the United States were not overweight. Other factors that increase the risk for this disease is too much sun exposer, not enough sleep, too much processed foods, and other environment factors such as pollution and radiation.
This nutrient has been proven to give people a ton of healthy benefits. Consumption of tea can help someone lose weight, fight cavities, help with diabetes, skincare, acne, cholesterol, increasing someone's immune system and aging to name just a tiny few. Also drinking green tea may help with cancer because of its antioxidants and its ability to cut off a blood supply to cancerous cells.
What makes the antioxidants special in this substance over antioxidants in fruits and other sources is something called ECGC. ECGC is somewhat of a super antioxidant which is very potent can be very useful to someone. Countries that drink a lot of tea such as Japan have fewer cases of cancer than other countries. Another study showed that green tea can reduce the risk of breast cancer by three times. Also in another study rats were given a substance to create cancer and the ingredients in green tea where able to reduce colon cancer in the rats by as much as 50%.
Drinking green tea is a great idea and taking a green tea extract can really be helpful. If you're looking to enjoy the assistance of this nutrients benefits without actually drinking it than a supplement can come in handy. Shopping for supplements is probably about as fun as shopping for a chemistry set. So to make things easier our group has put together a free report that goes over the industry.

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